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Reformation500 is an online resource for the commemoration of the Quincentenary of the Reformation in 2017 managed by Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  Here you will find information on important people and events of the Reformation, news and upcoming events, blog posts by a variety of authors offering different perspectives on the Reformation and its significance.

Timeline:  The website’s most prominent feature is its interactive timeline, intended as an entree into the site’s information resources on the Reformation.  Important people and events appear dynamically, vividly portraying the interweaving of the ecclesiastical, the political, the theological, and the personal. Scrolling through the timeline is possible through click and drag or scroll gestures/wheel. Dragging the bar at the bottom of the timeline enables a quicker navigation. At the right of the timeline are colored filters that allow the user to narrow events to European history, Reformation history, and Martin Luther’s own life.  Clicking on timeline events will open a window that will invite further reading on a separate page.  During the next several months, major events will continue to be filled out with further information. A special thanks to Matthew Kobs, Kenneth Kogler, Micah Bauer, and Rick Serina for the wonderful work in developing this timeline.

Biographies:  The website will also feature a set of brief biographies on the key personalities of the sixteenth centuries.  Like the timeline, biographies will be added over the next coming months to be a quick and helpful resource.

Blog: The blog will be a place to offer various reflections on the Reformation and its significance.  From historical insights to contemporary impact, contributions from different perspectives will enrich our remembrance and sharpen our appreciation for how 500 years ago, a “little monk” fell suddenly into the limelight and helped change the course of Western civilization.

News and Events: Hosted by Concordia Seminary, Reformation500 has its own schedule for events leading up to 2017. Most notable is its annual speaker series aimed at the St. Louis academic and ecclesial community.  As 2017 approaches, more opportunities to learn, interact, and celebrate will appear.  We will also begin to highlight other notable events around the country, linking people to the many activities and resources that are being organized around the 2017 anniversary.

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