reformation500-vertical organgeReformation500 is an online resource for the commemoration of the Quincentenary of the Reformation in 2017 managed by Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  Here you will find information on important people and events of the Reformation, news and upcoming events, blog posts by a variety of authors offering different perspectives on the Reformation and its significance. The “opinions” you find here are not Concordia Seminary’s. They are not those of the Seminary’s church body, The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. They belong to nobody except for the one who expresses them. Which means the “opinions” you find here will stand or fall on their own merits, and on the ability of the one who gives them.  It’s resources are free to use for their intended purpose and can be reproduced as long as proper attribution to the site and (when applicable) author is affixed.

This website is under the supervision of Concordia Seminary’s faculty website, ConcordiaTheology.org, and thus follows its editorial policy which can be read here.

Funding and support for this project comes in part from the Reformation Research Fund in honor of Pastor Randell Tonn.


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