Few figures were as resistant to categorization during the years of the Protestant Reformation as Desiderius […]
Born in 1500, Charles I of Spain was successor of the Austrian Habsburg dynasty and ruled […]
The most pivotal figure of the Roman Catholic Counter Reformation (or, alternately, the Catholic Reformation) was […]
As professor at Ingolstadt in Bavaria during the outbreak of the Reformation, John Eck would play […]
Georg Spalatin played a critical role in the Saxon court during the early days of the […]
(Cardinal Cajetan) Cardinal Cajetan, baptized Giacomo de Vio, is best known for his interview of Luther […]
The second Medici to wear the papal tiara in three pontificates, Clement VII’s tenure was marked […]
Nicknamed “Il terrible” by his contemporaries and the “Warrior Pope” by historians, Julius II’s early sixteenth-century […]
Leo X was the last of the Renaissance popes before the dawn of the Reformation, but […]
One of the more significant diplomatic efforts to remedy the early Reformation conflicts was spearheaded by […]