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Jan Hus

The fifteenth-century church reformer Jan Hus is known as much for his controversial execution at the Council of Constance in 1415 as he is for his teachings. His legacy for the Protestant Reformation remains that of a controversial late medieval … Continue reading

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Birth of Jan Hus

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Johann Eck

As professor at Ingolstadt in Bavaria during the outbreak of the Reformation, John Eck would play a significant role in opposing Luther’s reform and winning Bavaria for the Catholic party. Born Johann Maier in the Swabian village of Eck, he … Continue reading

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Jan Hus burned at the stake

Jan Hus was a pastor in Prague and noted reformer of the Bohemian church executed by the Council of Constance as much for his contentiousness and obstinacy as for his own teachings. A native Bohemian and doctoral candidate at the … Continue reading

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Council of Constance convenes

The Council of Constance (1414-1418) convened in order to resolve three issues. First, it was to unite the church in the wake of a schism between three rival popes–Gregory XII, Benedict XIII, and John XXIII. The Council of Pisa (1409) … Continue reading

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Leipzig debate

The Leipzig Debate in the summer of 1519 proved significant in pushing the indulgence controversy beyond the question of penance and justification to the question of authority in the church. John Eck, a scholastic theologian teaching at Ingolstadt, had engaged … Continue reading

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