Sylvester (Mazzolini) Prierias entered the early controversy over indulgences when, as papal court theologian, he drafted […]
A Dominican prior and inquisitor, Johannes Tetzel became notable at the outset of the Reformation as […]
The fourth pope during the period of the Reformation, Paul III became the first to take […]
Hadrian VI proved to the last non-Italian pope until the twentieth century, but his place in […]
During his time as Luther’s supervisor in the Augustinian order, Johann von Staupitz had a direct […]
Known mostly as pastor of the city church in Wittenberg during the spread of the Reformation […]
Lucas Cranach the Elder made an impression on the Reformation not through his ideas, his books, […]
A humanist and canon lawyer at the outset of the Reformation, Justus Jonas became a trusted […]
The fifteenth-century church reformer Jan Hus is known as much for his controversial execution at the […]
One of the more dramatic scenes of political and religious reform preceding the Protestant Reformation owed […]