The Devotio moderna proved to be one of the more significant movements of religious piety in […]
While not as recognizable as contemporaries Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli, or even Philipp Melanchthon, […]
(Faber Stapulensis) Along with Erasmus of Rotterdam and the Italian cardinal Gasparo Contarini, Jacques Lefèvre d’Étaples […]
The most famous devotional text produced on the eve of the Reformation was The Imitation of […]
Between the years that Martin Luther joined the Augustinian order at Erfurt and became embroiled in […]
Johannes Oecolampadius occupied an important place in the Reformation at the intersection of northern humanism, Protestant […]
Andreas Bodenstein, most commonly known as Karlstadt for the town of his birth, embodied the tumultuous […]
Called the “bishop of Lower Saxony” by Luther, Urbanus Rhegius served as an evangelical preacher in […]
A humanist, reformer, and theologian, Andreas Osiander embodied the various circles in which many Protestants ran, […]
Frederick III of Ernestine Saxony, commonly known as Frederick the Wise, became the first patron of […]